Deploy affordable serverless PHP and Laravel apps with ease, powered by the simplicity of Google Cloud

Serverless is no longer the future of hosting, it's the current way of doing things. But deploying your app the serverless way can be intimidating and the difficulty estimating the monthly pricing adds to it.

I'm already interested

Do you want to run your PHP app serverless and want to have a reliable, fixed cost and don't necessarily need your application to automatically scale to millions of users? Keep reading...

The goal is to build a product that can to Google Cloud's serverless environment. This will give you all the known benefits:

1. Production environment is same or similar to local/development
2. Easily upgrade PHP versions
3. Something else awesome

The product won't be like Vapor in the sense that it won't focus on auto-scaling. Instead, it will focus on application developers that wish to run their app serverless in a controlled manner: fixed container sizes, fixed cpu/memory and most importantly, a fixed price!

Besides solving my own problem, I'd love to hear from you if you're interested. I'm curious to know how other people wish to deploy their applications and their needs.